Raymond Gaston is an artist and author who lives and works in Los Angeles.

I am interested in schema, that script we all carry around in our heads telling us what to do, and how to react to repeated cultural happenings. And because I am interested in this, I am also interested in, well, not this. What I want to do then, is to challenge that schema in a way that creates an entirely foreign experience.

Endlessly, I am intrigued by the idea that we do things without fully meaning to do them. That our actions are not thought out in such a manner that we live fully conscious of each moment, but rather that we react and then later reflect.

The idea that our reactions to things are a shared experience based on our culture is at the core of my work. That we respond to things based on a script in our head, not our experience at that moment. Because of this I want to challenge myself to find these reactions and create a response in myself that is contrary to how I would automatically react.

Each piece that I make is for a specific question and place. Each piece dealing with my questions of schema, of what my reaction is supposed to be. And if my reaction then is something not unique to my own feelings, but rather truly just schema, I want my art to question that, to push back and have a individual reaction.

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