Installation Works in Progress

When Things Fall Down – 10’x12’x8′ – Paper, paint, wire, disassembled objects – 2019

Toward an inevitable ending  – 10’x10’x15′ -Paper, paint, wire, video – a labyrinth – 2018


This piece is the drawing out, an examination on the thought that we set ourselves upon a path and give ourselves free choice of our own outcome. And yet, in reality we are only allowed to move along preconceived pathways, ones that we have been allowed to follow. We are given freedom through allowing ourselves to be constrained. And all this freedom leads to one place, an inevitable ending.

NewTown’s Cradle – Concrete, wire, resin, wood – 2018

Going Places You’re Not – Installation and Video – 2018

An examination of space, time, and architecture.

Documented – Installation and Video – 2017

An 18 minute film about a man who inadvertently gets his cleaning woman deported, the entire film is subtitled and overplayed with the text of the entire US government code on immigration status.


The Result of Heroism – Installation, diorama, drawings – 2014